These terms and conditions by SEO Spazwik are stated to help us serve you the customer better and help us both understand the important contractual areas such as payment, intellectual property, limitation of liability and delivery terms.

  1. Your Website is developed based on the requirements gathered before the project starts and will only be extended for an additional fee.
  2. Your Website is developed using the contents you provide, unless you subscribe to our SEO Spazwik content writing/development services.
  3. Your website admin access and hosting details will be transferred onto you after full payment has been made for all services subscribed to except those that are not related to the web development services.
  4. Email campaigns are run based on your customer base, which can be increased by continuous email collection. SEO Spazwik do not provide email addresses for campaigns.
  5. For web design and development, you are entitled to a limited number of revisions based on the project type and will be required to pay additional fees for more revisions.
  6. To help keep projects within timelines, you are required to send all your feedbacks and revisions on a project in one single mail to enable fixes and changes at once.
  7. Domain Name/Hosting services through SEO Spazwik is a one-off service, which becomes the sole responsibility of the client after the project has been completed. For further domain name and hosting services through SEO Spazwik fees will be charged accordingly
  8. Graphic Design projects are also entitled to a limited number of revisions based on the projects size.
  9. All graphics project executed by SEO Spazwik cannot be used commercially unless full payments has been made.
  10. Mobile Application Developments are one off project, after the projects has been successfully executed, for services like upgrade, maintenance and changes additional fees will be required.
  11. For all services we offer, you are eligible for a refund the value of which service already rendered is deducted from the initial payment, if an agreement or truce cannot be made.
  12. During the first months following expiration of this Agreement, SEO Spazwik shall provide hours of Support Services at no additional cost to Client. Support Services means commercially reasonable technical support and assistance to maintain and update the Deliverables, including correcting any errors or Deficiencies. Requests for additional support will be billed on a time and materials basis at Designers standard rate.
  13. SEO Spazwik reserves the right to include screenshots of the completed work in his portfolio

This terms and condition is effective as of 30 October 2019.